Fiji is a tropical paradise with a multitude of both short and long term volunteering programmes to choose from. The vast majority of programmes available to foreigners revolve around marine conservation: you can spend several weeks exploring the 4,000 square miles of reefs and the abundance of sea life, you can study sharks and dolphins, and you can even learn how to dive during your volunteering programme. If marine biology is not your forte, but would still like to keep close to the water, you can embark on a volunteer programme focused on sailing expeditions.

Fiji might be a touristic hot spot and an island oasis, but the country has several areas that are in need of improvement. This is why there are quite a few programmes that revolve around community development and construction projects. Alternatively, you can also find projects that focus on child care or you can volunteer as a teacher.

Although most international volunteering programmes are designed for people over 18 years old, there are a few projects that accept teenagers as well. Apart from engaging in volunteering projects, participants will also get the opportunity to go on expeditions and explore everything Fiji has to offer.

Different agencies offer different packages, but most fees usually include ongoing support, orientation briefings, meals, and accommodation. Air plane tickets and taxes, medical and travel insurances, visa costs, and extra excursions are not covered by the fee and you will be required to take care of them on your own. 


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