If you’re interested in the environment and want to do your bit to make the world a better place then a great place to start is by volunteering for a non-profit organization.  There are many countries across the globe still suffering from water crises and they will welcome any voluntary help that comes their way.  So if you’re looking to embark on an overseas adventure and are willing to bring hope to the millions of people who live life without access to a clean water source, here are four water related charities you should definitely check out.


1. Global Vision International

Global Vision International provides volunteer opportunities abroad in areas such as construction and wildlife conservation, as well as water projects such as the construction of a water storage system in Fiji. The charity has been leading volunteer initiatives since 1997, but it is increasingly calling out for young graduates who have conservation or environmental skills and knowledge, particularly those with a masters degree in civil engineering.  Volunteers can choose how long they wish to sign up for, from a minimum of one week to a maximum of two years, and the program fees cover everything, including training and meals.

2. Omprakash

The main aim of the non-profit organization Omprakash is to ‘lead citizens of the world towards an awareness of the human community’ and help them to understand ways in which they can enact change.  Omprakash was started in 2004 and is completely web-based with members of its team living all over the world.  The organization is currently working with 168 global partners and has numerous projects underway in places like Cameroon, where volunteers are needed to educate locals on the importance of water sanitation and hygiene.

3. Projects Abroad

Founded in 1992, Projects Abroad is a global organization.  They offer overseas voluntary work placements in 35 different destinations with numerous areas you can elect to work in, including building reliable sources of water in developing countries.  These projects often need volunteers to help with drilling boreholes and installing elevated tanks so that local communities can be self-sufficient.  It can be challenging and hard work for volunteers and those with advanced skill sets in areas such as civil engineering are often sought after.  Part of the online civil engineering degree at Ohio University includes teaching about water treatment techniques and technologies, so a stint volunteering abroad on projects like those mentioned above can provide graduates with unique experience before they embark on a career in civil engineering.

4. Proworld

Proworld is a non-profit organization that aims to promote social and economic development and empower communities across the world.  A current Proworld project is focused on the people of Urubamba, an area of Peru in the Andes Mountains, where volunteers are focused on reducing the spread of waterborne illnesses.  As with many other volunteer placements, a fee is required, but as well as paying for the experience, the program fees also support the community economies in the form of local salaries and purchases.

Donating money to these charities is an important part of the work they do, but by volunteering and offering your time and expertise you can broaden your own perspectives on the world whilst changing the lives of those that you help.

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