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It’s that time of the year when most of the backpackers and vagabonds are working on their itinerary for the upcoming summers. Whilst, there are a lot of factors that are apprehended in designing the entire travel plan, budget is one thing which is kept into consideration the most. Then, of course, comes the part of activities to do, places to visit, things to buy, food to try, and more. However, over the period of time, the trend has changed drastically and more number of millennial travelers are seen taking up travel expedition; on a budget though. 

Dave Dronacharya One of the most popular ways to take a budget travel abroad is volunteer traveling. A regular practice by student travelers during their gap year, a volunteer travel includes everything that a traveler seeks; and all within budget.

So, to have a great time, and to make the most of your travel time abroad here is a list of handpicked destinations to volunteer abroad this summer;


The ‘Golden Child’ of Africa is known for its wildlife and preserved native lifestyle. It also has some of the best secluded beaches in the world to provide a tranquil ambiance. Placements are provided in and around the city of Tamale, where volunteers can choose from a list of projects to volunteer for. This includes programs such as, Community Development, Football Coaching, Medical & Healthcare, Teaching, Childcare, Girls Education, and more.


Alright! Let’s admit it. One really doesn’t needs an explanation or a blog description to realize why Thailand must be on the bucket list for summer of 2016. One of the top rated and popular destinations around the world, Thailand has all that a traveler look forward to for a trip abroad. Pristine beaches, bustling lifestyle, huge shopping arcades, world class delicacies, and more. And what adds to the charm is the fact that there are opportunities to volunteer for the welfare of elephants; the most revered animal in the country. A great summer experience indeed.


The Indian sub-continent has been a crowd puller since ages. With its diverse culture and traditions, interesting history, grandeur heritage, and, of course, the Himalayas. India has always been a resident of every traveler’s bucket list. Volunteering in India can leave you with more life changing experiences than you can think of; and all for lifetime.

Spoiler Alert! If you have never been to India, note that it’s not just a land of snake charmers and magicians, like you’ve been told in the stories, anymore.


Another landscapic beauty from Asia. The country faced a devastating 2015, but that didn’t let their spirits down and together the country rose back to peace and normalcy. Volunteers have the options to work as teachers in local schools, or take care of children at childcare centers. In addition, there are few volunteer match organizations which provide opportunities for medical students to intern abroad.

South Africa

Personally, South Africa is one country that reflects on my bucket list, no matter what time of the year it is. South Africa is a paradise for adventure seekers, with an endless list of activities to indulge in; and not just wildlife safaris. The best part about volunteering in South Africa is that the placements are provided in two different regions; Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. While Port Elizabeth is a great choice for wildlife enthusiasts with Wildlife Conservation Program, Cape Town offers volunteer programs; such as Childcare & Social Welfare, Healthcare, Teaching, and more.


Finally, I’d like to end the list with another African destination; and a special one indeed. One may think, as to, what is so special about a country like Tanzania? Well! It is the home to the ‘Mecca of wildlife Safaris’, the Serengeti National Park; with the famous BIG 5 of Africa. Don’t stop getting amazed just now, as there is more. It is also the home turf of world’s highest free-standing mountain, Mt. Kilimanjaro; hello trekking geeks! And then you have the magnificient archipelago of Zanzibar to enjoy some tranquil beach time while volunteering in Tanzania.

So, there you have it. Your perfect bucket list to volunteer abroad this summer. I’d be happy to answer if you have any query related to volunteering abroad or this article in particular. Simpy drop in your questiones in the comment box or mail me at drondave32@gmail.com.

Hurry! Summer is Coming!


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