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Traveling the world and spending time exploring beautiful places are the dreams of many, including you and I. Over the years, I’ve discovered a lot of great volunteer programs and plenty of opportunities to grow, both as an individual and as a traveler. Before you jump right in and join a volunteer program of your choice, however, there are a few important things you need to know.

woman hand desk officeTime Management Is Key

Online learning programs are making it possible for travelers to study and pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree, even when they are halfway across the globe. Arizona State University, for instance, has a number of nursing programs with great reputation.

Studying for an online RN to BSN degree while working as a volunteer nurse in Ecuador is a great experience, but the only way you can survive the experience, get the bachelor’s degree and still have time to travel and enjoy the beautiful country is by having meticulous time management.

Yes, time management is critically important. Make sure you can manage your time and be productive before you decide to pursue your own online nursing degree – or a degree in any other field you’re interested in.

Plan Ahead and Prepare Resources

Whether you’re doing work as a volunteer, trying to complete an online degree or you simply want to tell the world your travel stories through a blog, it is also important to plan ahead and be prepared. Internet, for instance, may be something you can find in the US, but could be a bit of a rare resource in other countries. The same can be said for electricity and medications.

Fortunately, you now have plenty of resources to plan ahead too. There are other travelers sharing their stories and many are willing to answer your questions, which means you can be more prepared for the journey you’re about to take on. Depart only when you’re extra certain that you can stay productive while traveling.

Gain Valuable Experience

Staying productive while traveling doesn’t always mean studying or volunteering too. There are internship programs – paid and otherwise – that will also help you be a productive traveler. You can enjoy the beauty of the country you’re visiting in between work sessions. There are even job opportunities designed specifically for travelers.

Australia, for instance, is famous as a work-travel destination. The country has a Working Holiday Visa that a lot of backpackers from around the world use to spend up to a year in the country, traveling across the beautiful continent and working multiple jobs to earn a living. The experience you get at the end of the journey is invaluable indeed.

Of course, you can find plenty of opportunities to explore on the Opportunities section, here at The International Wanderer. You will find everything from volunteer work opportunities, to internships, jobs and even scholarships waiting for you. Finding the right one to benefit from is just a matter of finding one that suits your interests and travel habits best. All you have to do next is embark on another adventure; a productive one.


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