Liverpool is a vibrant city to live in and with the rise of student accommodation and a growing community, there’s never been a better time for students to study here. Leaving home for the first time is an anxious situation for any student but even more so for international students. However, you will feel at home in no time in Liverpool, a city that is welcoming, multi-cultural and offers a range of things to do.

Here are the six best reasons why international students should consider Liverpool to be their new home…

1) You Have a Range of Universities to Choose From

One of the first things you will be considering when looking at the options for taking your education to the next level is the universities themselves. In Liverpool you aren’t limited to one choice but will be able to consider a few before deciding on the university that fits you best. Even if you want to live in the city but expand your options, Liverpool has excellent transport links to neighbouring towns in the North West region.

The University of Liverpool is one of the largest universities in Liverpool and one of the best in the country in terms of excellence. Liverpool John Moores University has campuses throughout the city and offers an extensive collection of courses. A smaller option you may want to consider is Liverpool Hope University on the outskirts of the city, while creative types will want to check out LIPA, a specialist performing arts university founded by Paul McCartney.

2) One of the Most Affordable Cities in the UK

Liverpool is a working class city that offers opportunities for all people no matter their social class. This is one of the most affordable cities to live in right throughout the country, especially when compared to locations down south and other Northern Powerhouse cities such as Manchester. Renting accommodation in Liverpool is cheap as is the cost of living. Students don’t have to worry about straining their budget when moving here.

3) No Shortage of Student Activities

Improvements have been made on a yearly basis to attract students to the city by offering all kinds of activities. Whether you want to socialise with friends or explore the city in style, there’s plenty of choice. Liverpool is home to wonderful shopping opportunities whether you prefer big brands or independent stores. Looking for a lively nightlife? You won’t be disappointed! This is a true student city.

4) A City Bursting with Cultural Life

There’s a reason Liverpool was awarded the European Capital of Culture title 10 years ago. In fact, this title has only strengthened the city’s desire to improve its cultural offerings. You will have no problem finding fascinating museums and art galleries to explore. Regular events are always bringing the city together, such as the spectacular Giants show which recently welcomed over a million visitors! More and more filmmakers are even identifying Liverpool as a stunning backdrop for their films and television shows.

5) Liverpool Is a Welcoming City for All Backgrounds

No matter where you come from, your ethnicity or your religion, Liverpool is a friendly city that welcomes people from all walks of life. The city prides itself in offering a warm and open approach for visitors far and wide, whether they’re staying short term or long term. Scousers are a warm group of people with a very witty sense of humour!

6) Study or Relax at a Beautiful Park

Liverpool isn’t all about clubbing, shopping and dining out. While it excels in those areas, it’s also a wonderful place to relax when you need it most. There’s a selection of different parks scattered throughout the city, including Liverpool One’s picturesque Chavasse Park – a wonderful place for a picnic right by the waterfront! For a bigger park, head to Sefton Park and explore the beautiful scenery or attend one of the regular events. Whether you want a quiet place to study or a peaceful stroll, rest assured that you will find what you’re after.

Choose Liverpool to Be Your New Home
All in all, Liverpool is a wonderful place for people coming into the city to study and provides a welcoming atmosphere for international students. Whatever you intend to get out of your student experience, you won’t be disappointed. Ready to make the big move to Liverpool? Consider choosing a luxury residential property for your student accommodation from a trusted provider such as Luxury Student Homes.

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