margaret river

Located just three hours south of Perth, Margaret River, Australia is a dream destination that can please most any traveler.

Something for everyone

If you’re thinking of going on excursion, Margaret River has something for everyone.  If you appreciate a good drinking hole, take the time to explore the bars and try the local beers and wines.

 margaret river

If you’re more of a foodie, you can enjoy a fresh lobster recently pulled from the ocean, or an organic beef steak with local truffles. Handmade chocolates and delicious caramel are all available in this beautiful coastal city.

Or, if you’re not so into food, you can surf in world-famous surf waters, snorkel or dive, or even take a hike in one of the many forests and caves.

There is so much available to do and try!


Margaret River is home to around 120 world-class wine producers, and produces some of the best wines in all of Australia, including cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, semillón, sauvignon blanc, merlot and shiraz. You can start at the Information Center in town which can give you information on where you can see wine presentations and sign up for vineyard tours.

Some of the best are Leeuwin Estate, Xanadu Wines, and Voyager Estate. If you’re there in November, you can also attend the Margaret River Gourmet Escape, which brings in some of the best chefs and wine experts in the world to give masterclasses, tastings, and tips and tricks. Frequent guests include Nigella Lawson, Rick Stein, and Guy Grossi.

The Beach

You can head over to one of the many beaches in Western Australia, and maybe enjoy a sunset. Swim next to dolphins in Bunbury or Rockingham. You can whale watch, practice surfing, or go fishing in the small town of Yellingup. Dunsborough offers a fringe of hidden beaches, perfect for swimming or surfing or even diving to the shipwreck of the HMAS Swan.

In Busselton, you can take a train ride out onto the 1.1 mile, 150 year old jetty, then down 8 meters to the underwater observatory to see the colorful reef life, including tropical and sub-tropical fish.

Whether you prefer popular or little-known beaches, you’ll find the one for you with the many available in Western Australia.

Hiking and Caving
There are many colorful hikes along the coasts and in the forests. Leewuin-Naturaliste National Park holds many treasures, including forests of jarrah, marri and karri trees, which have beautiful flowers in season.

Mammoth Cave, Jewel Cave Augusta, and Lake Cave are all options if you like to explore the underground. With some of the world´s most famous and unique formations and fossils, it’s a fund destination for adults and children alike. Mammoth Cave is even wheelchair accessible.

Where to Stay

There are many retreats, cabins, luxury hotels, lodges like the ones found at, and other places to stay in Margaret River. It depends on your taste, and the sort of adventure you’d like to have while there.


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