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Maui is one of the best places to go on vacation in Hawaii. Especially for diving enthusiasts. If you are a diving enthusiast visiting Hawaii, you should not miss out on a snorkeling tour at Molokini.

Thanks to the crescent shape of the islet, the waters within are protected, creating the perfect place for a wide range of natural life to flourish.

Photo by Q.U.I on Unsplash	On your visit, you’ll have the chance to see black triggerfish, yellow tang, parrotfish, and whitetip reef shark and moray eels. And the coral! Molokini is home to nearly 40 different species of coral, creating a rainbow tapestry right beneath the water’s surface.

If you’re visiting for the first time, have a quick look at a brief history of the islet and read up on some of the most incredible underwater experiences offered by snorkeling tours at Molokini.

What is Molokini?

Molokini is an uninhabited volcanic caldera in Hawaii that measures only 23 acres. It was formed some 230,000 years ago when a huge volcanic eruption spewed massive amounts of debris and resulted in the volcano becoming submerged partially. It is crescent-shaped because it has a higher rim on one side where not as much debris was blown off.

Since this explosion, it has had quite a colorful history. Native Hawaiians used this unique island as a fishing location, and the U.S. Army used it for target practice during World War II, almost destroying the poor islet.

The commercial harvesting of black coral ravaged it in the 1950s through the 1970s to make matters worse.

Thankfully though, in 1977 it was declared a Marine Life Conservation District and has since been under protected status.

Now that you know a little bit about the history of Molokini, it’s time to learn about the snorkeling tours that await you:

Molokini Snorkeling Tours

One of the most highly rated of the Maui snorkel trips is by Leilani Molokini Snorkeling Tours & Turtle Town. You are invited to spend five hours snorkeling around Molokini.

You will spend your dry time aboard the Leilani, a 50ft Uniflite Power yacht. It’s outfitted fully with everything you possibly could want, including excellent food, a free open bar, and freshwater showers. Oh, yes, and also included, all of the snorkel gear you need, along with easy-to-understand and thorough instruction.

During your dive, you’ll see the coral reef, tropical fish, and possibly even Hawaiian green sea turtles while at Turtle Town! Spinner dolphins might even join you as they frolic in the open water. The best part is that only a few people are allowed on each tour, so the atmosphere stays intimate.

If you’re planning an extra special occasion, you can even book a private Molokini snorkeling tour!

Molokini Wild Side Snorkel Eco-Adventure

During this snorkeling tour, you’ll be aboard a 54ft single deck catamaran. Tour sizes are limited to 38 people, so there’s plenty of space for all on board. During your tour, you’ll be instructed by Certified Marine Naturalists, who will be able to tell you about everything you see. You can even bring your kids along (if they are seven or older) because there’s a separate kids class just for them.

Included in your tour are flotation devices, so you don’t get tired, comprehensive snorkeling instruction, and a fish-identifying class. If you need to rent a website, you’ll have no problem doing so on-site.

The tour lasts for six hours and includes a continental breakfast, lunch and unlimited soda and juice, plus one complimentary adult beverage.

Makena Turtle Town Eco Kayak Adventure

Are you totally into sports? If so, the Makena Turtle Town Eco Kayak Adventure combines kayaking and snorkeling! This tour includes two snorkel sites and comes with all of the kayaking and snorkel gear that you could need. It also includes life jackets, a snack, and a bottle of water.

Groups are small, with only up to eight people. That means that the tour guide will be able to focus on everybody’s questions and concerns.

The main animal that you will see on this tour is the green sea turtle, an endangered species that you aren’t allowed to touch. But, you can look at them and admire them all you want! You may even find yourself snorkeling right alongside them. If you get lucky, you may also see octopuses, eels, dolphins, eagle rays, and whales.

Whichever tour you choose to do, diving enthusiasts will be sure to fall in love with these incredible underwater experiences at Molokini. There’s something for everyone, whether you want to see turtles, tropical fish or a rainbow array of coral. Just make sure you feel physically fit enough to go, and that you respect all of the wildlife that you encounter. When you’re all done with your snorkeling tour, head to Oahu for some serious relaxation time. By then it will be time to begin to consider your next snorkeling trip, maybe this time on a Greek island?


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