Check out the top spots in Sydney from where you can view the fireworks and celebrations on New Year’s Eve at least once.

SydneyThe Bradfield Park

This is one of the most popular places to see the fireworks from. The park offers views of the east side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. You will usually see families venturing out here, waiting for the firework show to start. Bradfield Park is big enough to accommodate 50,000 people at once. The venue is open for all and will open from 12 pm onwards. So, it is important that you get there as soon as you can; otherwise, it might become really crowded.

The Blues Point Reserve

This is another favourite place for people who like to avoid crowds in Sydney’s central business district but don’t want to miss the great view of the Harbour Bridge at the same time. The Blues Point Reserve is situated on the other side of this bridge, far away from the city. The capacity of this area is around 12,000 people, and that many do arrive at the scene almost every day. If you plan to go later in the day, you might come across queues formed outside the front gate. You are not allowed to bring any alcohol at the Blue Point Reserve, which means that your New Year’s evening celebration will be done in a sober way over here.

The Mrs Macquaries Point

This is the public viewing site next to the Yurong Peninsula. It offers prime views of the annual fireworks display. It is located inside the Royal Botanical Gardens, an area that is open from 10 in the morning and houses up to 16,000 people. You can expect this place to reach maximum capacity early in the day as entry is free, meaning that you might want to wake up early to get here. You can always bring a rug and take advantage of the food and bar service here as well.

The Observatory Hill Park

This venue has a free entry sign on the gate as well. It is probably the most popular spot for viewing fireworks from. It is only 20 minutes away from the Circular Quay and the Wynyard. The Hill Park can accommodate up to 7,500 people at once. It is packed early in the day and offers one of the best views of the fireworks. It is important for you to remember that you can only get in there from 12 pm and onwards.  

The Sydney Harbor Cruise

If you want an outstanding and memorable way to spend New Year’s Eve, forget the land-based venues that everyone else is crowding; instead, make your way to the Sydney Harbor Cruise where you can avail the highest level of services in a luxurious atmosphere which makes for the ultimate way to spend any occasion. To top that off, the view of the fireworks is simply breathtaking.   


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