This year was a pretty good year for travel, but 2017 looks to be even better.  Travel prices will continue to fall and everyone who has been bitten by the travel bug will be able to see and do more with less.  With so many great countries out there in the world, we want to give you a wide variety of places to consider visiting on your next vacation or adventure.  So, without further ado, here are the top five countries worth visiting in 2017!



Africa is a continent with a plethora of cultures, landscapes, and history that is just waiting to be explored and treasured.  Most of the top travel lists you see tend to leave out countries like Africa, unless they are tailored to a specific niche, like safaris, but we want to highly Kenya because of the limitless amount of natural adventures you can partake, as well as all the traveler-friendly activities that are offered outside of staring at all the beautiful wildlife and landscapes. 

You will find no shortage of amazing food, music, parties, games, art, and museums.  All of this happiness can be had at a very affordable rate, even for the big timeshares and travel packages.


Canada has garnered a lot of attention in the past for months of 2016, mainly as an escape route for the drastic cultural and political shift by their neighbors down south.  Canada has always been known for their hospitality, diversity, acceptance, and relaxed attitude.  It’s no wonder they always have a steady flow of travelers coming in through the border.

Don’t let the reports of frosty weather deter you from having a great time in Canada.  If you live in America, you can book a cheap flight or train to take you into any of the major modern cityscapes.  No matter where you end up, you’ll have easy access to both modern amenities and natural wilderness just a short drive away.


Continuing on this theme of color, diversity, and natural beauty, Morocco has always been an amazing gem in the back of every travel page or top list for foodies.  With the unique melting pot of African, French, and Spanish cultures, it’s a richness that is prevalent in both the food and the people.  Morocco is notorious for its vibrant colors everywhere you look, from the buildings, to the food, to the landscape that surrounds it.  Even the sun appears in much brighter hues than other parts of the world. 

The cherry on top is that you can dine and sleep like a prince in comfortable suites for a fraction of the cost in some of the more expensive regions of the continent, such as Johannesburg or Cairo.


The country of bigger, badder, and wilder attractions also happens to be affordable for travels for the past few years.  2017 will be no different, plenty of great flats, hotels, and even apartments that you can rent for an extended stay in Aussieland.  This is due to the weakening of the AU dollar, so you can see savings everywhere, from Great Barrier Reef tours to multi-city adventure packages.


Often overlooked in favor of all the more prominent nearby Chinese cities, Mongolia is a special treat for travelers who want to see everything this planet has to offer.  Namely, the sprawling fields of prairies that are the largest of its kind.  Mongolia has a uniquely relaxing and spiritual aspect to it, similar to Nepal, that you just have to be there to understand.  While it may lack in flash and flair that other countries have, it more than makes up for its humble and serene experiences.


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