Since its independence from Soviet Union, Georgia has not only been struggling with poverty but with changing to free economy and establishing democratic principles as well. Human rights, regional conflicts, gender equality are all major issues. Due to shortage of funds architectural, environmental and conservation projects suffer. Experienced and inexperienced volunteers are needed to tackle these issues at all levels. 

There are numerous international NGOs working in the country to raise awareness. One of the most popular programs is teaching English in public schools of Georgia. Since Georgia is moving into a free economy, and making every effort to improve the quality of education, it needs for its population to be fluent in English. Volunteer teaching in Georgia is demanding due to the lack of teaching resources but volunteers with a will to make a difference welcome the experience.

Georgian society is still very conservative by western standards and education about sexual transmission of HIV/AIDS, drug use and its consequences is very limited. Volunteers are needed to organize discussion sessions and pass information to as many people as possible.

Awareness about ecology and the environment is still in the developing stage in Georgia. People don’t give a second thought when throwing garbage out of a moving vehicle. Taps are left running and precious resource like water is wasted. Volunteers are needed to teach locals about sustainability. This is best achieved by working with young children in orphanages. Through games and related activities, volunteers can raise the children’s understanding of how waste is harmful for the environment.  


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