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A place that literally exists on the beach, Gold Coast, Australia is a dream come true for many. But in providing the best, the area is not entirely devoid of faults. The following are the reasons why moving to Gold Coast is both highly and not-so-highly recommended.


Top 5 Best Things About Gold Coast

Gold Coast skylineThe plethora of attractions is bound to light up the face of people both young and old. But what exactly tops the list of this broad-spectrum of dazzling, interactive, and never-ceasing entertainment and lifestyle features?

  1. Like Brisbane, Gold Coast is one of the most desirable places for living when evaluating its position in terms of social, political, environmental, economic, and person health and safety platforms.
  2. Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition CentreEven the weather is favorable enough – mild winters and nearly 8 hours of sunshine every day – for you to hit beaches all year round! And if you are done soaking up your vitamin Ds, there are theme parks, water and amusement parks, array of hotels and cafes, the rainforest, and the best markets and boutiques to go gaga over and spoil yourself silly.
  3. As sports fanatics would know already, Gold Coast is ready to host the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Waiting thus or following that, you can always challenge yourself to a nice round of golf at the beautiful courses available in the area.
  4. Gold Coast Skyline at NightA destination that is waiting to be explored, Gold Coast is the perfect place to be when you are interested in improving your historical or archaeological knowledge of the area from the galleries, museums, and new buildings that are erected.
  5. It’s a multi-cultural society, there are special considerations towards diet and discrimination is considered an offence, not tolerated.

Top 5 Worst Things About Gold Coast

Now the part you have been dreading: what makes the location not so ideal anymore to make your desired move?

  1. The place is packed full with tourists most of the time if not all the time; more than 12 million visitors come every year. Also, it is one of the fastest-growing regions of Australia, which will automatically affect the real estate price and hence affordability for most.
  2. Additionally, some of the houses are in a badly-maintained shape. Pest sightings (snakes, roaches, spiders, rats, etc.) are not unusual either.
  3. It is literally swarming with 18-year olds who, having completed their high school and coming of age, will then be allowed to drink. Yes, the law requires you to bring ID and prove your age for drinking and smoking.
  4. View from Q1 looking northPlus, despite the idea that modern cars, equipped with all the latest gadgets and technology, are hard to steal, thieves at Gold Coast have no trouble breaking in and driving off. In fact, most of the incidents in the past took place when owners were at home and thereby allowed for more cash and other expensive pickings. The most common targeted areas include Surfers Paradise, Southport, Nerang, Burleigh Heads, and Ormeau.
  5. Gold Coast itself is way advanced and commercial than the neighboring spots; it goes understood that stepping out of the island would mean a whole other world, with food or activities being boring and not as exciting.

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