Volunteerism is a term used to describe one of the basic principles in almost every culture in the world – providing social development through working together as volunteers. Volunteering may involve providing services, campaigning, advocacy, providing aid and various forms of civic engagement.

In the recent period, many people are showing interest in volunteering abroad. This is not a surprise for those who have already served as volunteers abroad. They know that this activity comes with many benefits and we will use this article to highlight some of the most important and interesting ones.

VolunteerVisiting and getting familiar with completely new countries. If you become an international volunteer, you will get a chance to explore places that you have never seen before. On top of that, you probably won’t spend all your time in one place because volunteers usually travel to different places in one country as part of their job. In some cases, volunteers are left to enter places that are not available to regular tourists.

Getting a chance to help other people

Unfortunately, there are a huge number of people all over the world that need help from other people. Volunteering abroad is a great experience for those who can help these people. The feeling you will get from helping people in need is priceless.

Learning more about foreign traditions, languages and cultures

If you decide to become a volunteer, you will also get an opportunity to learn more about interesting traditions, languages and cultures. There are countries in which you will get exposed to several cultures at once (multicultural countries). In this way, you will definitely start appreciating the cultural diversity on our planet.


Developing new skills and improving knowledge

As you are probably aware, you can volunteer in many different types of work and you don’t have to be a professional in some field to become a volunteer. This means that you will develop some skills and improve your knowledge. For instance, you can teach children, take care of sick people and be part of a construction project. All these activities will help you improve or develop new social and physical skills.

Experiencing a true change in your life

When people want to break their routine, they usually go on a holiday. However, volunteering gives you much more meaningful escape from your daily routine. Depending on the program, you will be able to volunteer for a couple of weeks or even for several months. It is up to you to choose the option that suits you the best.

Meeting like-minded people

As you are probably aware, volunteering programs include more than one volunteer. Organizations like Love Volunteers tend to find like-minded people to work together on projects that can make a huge difference in the world.

Building a good resume

While it is true that your formal education will improve the chances of getting hired, it is also true that practical work, especially as a volunteer, will impress any employer. According to some surveys, more than 80% of employers prefer candidates that were part of some volunteering project.

We hope that these facts will make you consider volunteering abroad.


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