Volunteering in an appropriate situation can create a strong and lasting bond with a nation/people and provide one of life most memorable experiences. In Eritrea, poverty and lack of resources have hampered development and led to many volunteer opportunities.

For example, The Fred Hollows foundation from Australia has established one of the few eye clinics in the country in Asmara. The clinic also serves as a training facility and has made reasonable progress within the country from 2006. The organization welcomes volunteers to participate in a variety of activities to support the clinic. Some of the activities include participating challenges, fund raising or working.

Other major international charitable organizations in Eritrea include VSO international. The organization sends volunteers to poor countries around the world to assist in various capacities. Programs vary depending on length of the program and can run as long as two years. In a two year program volunteers can be involved in a staggered program such as improving teaching, which may involve teaching in school and eventually include involvement in development of curriculum material.

In addition to the above there are also programs aimed to involve Eritreans in the Diaspora. The NUEYS program in the country is designed to help nationals in the Diaspora learn about the country and contribute to alleviating local challenges. The program takes participants through a wide range of activities such a building schools, sustainable environment activities over varying periods. The program is very suitable for orientation of people who may have been away for long and would like to relocate to Eritrea.


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