Like most other island nations situated in the Pacific Ocean, Palau offers a high number of volunteer programmes available to foreigners. Historically, most volunteer programmes in the region have focused on education and health topics. Construction projects are also quite popular in the region.

Environment-oriented volunteer programmes have become more and more common in Palau. Even though Palau’s environment is still one of the best protected in the world, several areas of concerns have emerged, such as illegal fishing, coral and sand dredging, and inadequate removal of waste. All of the issues are now being targeted by a variety of volunteer programmes. Palau is also home to the world’s first shark sanctuary, where volunteers are known to lend a helping hand.


A number of international and highly-renowned agencies, such as the Peace Corps, also service the area of Palau. Contracts with such agencies are typically lengthier in time, but they do offer volunteers a once in a life time experience. While for most other programmes, English is the only language requirement, with these lengthier programmes, volunteers will also get the opportunity to learn one of the local languages.

The easiest way of finding a volunteer programme in Palau is by contacting a volunteer placement agency that services the area. In exchange for the programme, which you can sometimes customize, you will have to pay a fee that covers accommodation and meals. Flight fares, vaccinations, visas, and other requirements are up to the volunteer, although larger agencies will offer support for these matters as well. 


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