Peru is a developing country that welcomes volunteer help of all types. There are positions for skilled voluntary workers as well as workers without any specific skills. All that is required is open minded approach and a willingness to lend a helping hand. Since part of volunteer work is about building strong relationships with local residents, good Spanish language skills are a prerequisite for a majority of voluntary jobs in Peru.

There are projects based in many cities like Puerto Maldonado in the rainforest, Cusco a major tourist location and in the Sacred Valley in Urbamba. The projects here include teaching, nursing, medical practice, conservation work and work on Inca trails.

There is also a need for volunteers to work with children in orphanages, homes for abused children, shelters and community centres. Volunteer’s help children do homework, give the children some attention and love and organize education related activities.

For people who enjoy working with their hands and don’t mind getting a little dirty, there are construction projects. In these projects volunteers help with renovation or construction. Work will include wood cutting, sifting sand, mixing cement and moving building materials around. Such projects help communities improve schools and community centres. This type of work requires flexibility and patience on part of the volunteer.

In conservation projects, volunteers help with orchid planting, removing bamboos and help in maintaining trails. They may even be asked to take inventory of the various species in the area.


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