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Qualified? Yes! Beautiful? That too! Chile has become the top higher education provider in Latin America after its Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile ranked #1 in the region (QS Report released in late April). However, Chile’s striking beauty is what in 2013 drove more than 16,000 foreign students to choose the country for their study abroad education.

Learn ChileLearning in Chile is all about the experience. Be prepared to take education outside of the classroom and experience the rich culture and diverse geography the country has to offer. Why choose between study or travel when you can have both!

Must-have experiences in Chile include buying fresh food at the Mercado Central, walking through the streets of Barrio Lastarria, one of the most emblematic neighborhoods in Santiago, and learning Chilean slang like bakán (cool), cachai (you know?), and pololo (boyfriend or girlfriend). If visiting during the summer, have a “mote con huesillo” to quench your thirst. This non-alcoholic drink is made from wheat and peaches. If you are 21, don’t leave the country without first trying a glass of wine.

Chile is a country of outstanding diversity. Home to deep-blue lakes, impressive glaciers, tall volcanoes, and green forest. Mountain climbing, skiing, diving, white-water rafting, kayaking, archaeological trips, surfing and visits to ritual Easter Island sites are among the many activities that can be experienced in Chile. Don’t miss the chance to visit the Torres del Paine National Park, a national park rich in history, and habitat to protected species like the huemul and the puma.

Students and parents will also be happy to know that 15 Chilean universities are among the 100 best in Latin America, including two in the top ten.

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