The highly dynamic and exciting country of Singapore is not without its share of problems, which volunteer can help to solve. Regardless of whether your interest lies in working to help the underprivileged, environment or develop a sustainable community, the choices are wide ranging.

Volunteers can help in varying capacities by working in homes for the disabled. The homes need help with outdoor labour, administrative work, marketing tasks and working directly with the patients in activities like feeding, and participating in entertainment activities. Animal rescue centre is another volunteer option. Such centres require volunteers to care for animals and help with fundraising, housekeeping, and administrative work.

If the outdoors is more to your personal taste then working with teams in helping to develop sustainable practices and finding solutions to resource depletion can be carried out by participating in a variety of farm based activities. Volunteers carry out activities like land tilling, sowing, weeding, composting, and harvesting. By carrying out such activities, volunteers learn to appreciate nature while working side by side with people from other countries and forge everlasting relationships. There are also many nature groups volunteers can take part in. Volunteers learn about Singapore’s natural areas and are trained through field trips and expert talks

For individuals with interest in the field of marketing another distinctive volunteer opportunity is to participate in booth volunteering. Volunteers man booths set up in different commercial locations and sell polymer clay jewellery and soap. The program helps to provide jobs for orphans while raising funds for the program. Two volunteers man the booth and work in shifts, at the end of which the cash collected and an account of the items sold is passed on to the next shift. 


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