The only limitations for volunteering in French Polynesia include the amount of time you have and your budget. There are numerous opportunities ranging from hospitals, clinics, soup kitchens, homes for the disabled, orphanages, there are even programs in environmental marine studies and research to choose from. While carrying out volunteer work in French Polynesia you can choose to reside in the accommodation offered or make your own arrangements. The various volunteer programs in French Polynesia can last from as little as a few days to as long as several weeks.

One unique volunteer opportunity in French Polynesia is to work on a black pearl sustainable farm. While the work is physically challenging, it is based in one of the most beautiful locations in the world. The minimum stay is two weeks on the forty hectares farm located on the island of Tahiti. Language of communication is French, English and Tahitian.


Home-stay volunteer work in French Polynesia is fairly common. Volunteers are usually asked to help by taking care of lodges, run small farms, or help care for minor children in return for food and a place to stay. The duration of stay in such programs is open to mutual agreement.

Other volunteer options in French Polynesia include setting up booths during public events for various charity organizations, helping educators during educational programs, translating documents, cleaning beaches, monitoring nests of sea turtles or conducting scientific surveys. Volunteer travel in French Polynesia is a good way to go beyond being the typical tourist and actually interact with the locals and make a positive contribution towards the betterment of the people of French Polynesia. Some of the programs described offer free housing and food, but they all expect the volunteer to pay for all travel related expenses.



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