One of the best ways of grasping and understanding the culture of a country entails applying as a volunteer and Argentina is no exception to this universal fact. Volunteering to work in this country will not only provide an excellent opportunity to watch people up close but also learn one of the most common languages in the world namely Spanish.

In Argentina, there are many areas that ask for volunteers like education, social work and human rights wherein you will be required to interact and benefit the lower strata of the population. Much of the volunteer’s work could focus on problems arising due to addiction and extreme poverty or teaching in orphanages and streets. Helping people suffering from various disabilities is another avenue in which contribution can be made. Students of social sciences can opt for cultural work and those concerned with improving the plight of the planet can opt for environmental protection.

If your intention of volunteering is to experience diversity then you must opt for the vibrant and multi-cultural city of Buenos Aires while individuals who are travelers at heart must choose the wine country of Mendoza. On the ethnic front it is Salta that emerges as the best choice and students must could look at volunteer programs around Cordoba so that there is no break on the academic front. 


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