Housing one-fifth of the world’s population is no easy job.  Despite the fact that China is a major economic powerhouse, it still needs volunteers for its more impoverished and less advanced localities. It is possible to help those individuals by volunteering in orphanages, hospitals, schools and a host of other places.

Volunteering can allow one to discover the real China in a meaningful way. What better way to experience local culture, take part in regional events and celebrations? It is the ideal way to see the real China while giving to a community that really needs the help.

Many international charities working in China provide one with the opportunities to learn Chinese, gain valuable practice and discover China in a cost effective way. There is a large variety of options for which one can volunteer. Future teachers can opt for teaching and gain valuable experience at the same time. There are HIV/Aids awareness programs, construction work, women empowerment, and agriculture work to mention just a few of the amazing projects one can participate in.

Volunteers can select programs that last as little as one week to six months or as long as one year. Volunteer agencies match the interests of the volunteers with projects where their services will be most needed and beneficial.


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