Most volunteering opportunities in the Falklands revolve around the local wildlife and various agricultural activities. Opportunities can be secured through volunteering placement agencies, but you can also locate individuals that are looking for volunteers. The latter type of programmes typically involve working on a farm and activities include animal care, help around the house, farming, maintenance, cooking, shopping, gardening, and so on. Housing as well as meals will be provided by the family. You will have to take care of any visa arrangements and flight fares on your own.

There are a variety of volunteering programmes in charge with wildlife conservation. In particular, most programmes focus on the penguin colonies in the Falklands. Schedules and lengths vary quite a lot from one programme to another and most projects are often advertised on the web pages of various local non for profit organisations. Be on the lookout for any news and compile a neat application, along with a relevant résumé.

General requirements for participating in a volunteering programme in the Falklands include: over 18 years of age, a clean criminal record, and knowledge of the English language. 


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