Volunteering is a good way to see the natural wonders and vibrant culture of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is essentially a poor country in need of volunteer help. It lacks proper health care and resources but has a lot to offer in term of natural beauty.

The best places to volunteer in Zimbabwe depend on what you enjoy doing. The northern portion of the country is the source of its mineral deposits and is more industrialized, while, the southern part of the country offers more nature and wildlife. Most of the conservation projects are located here. The Wildlife Conservation Act has been in place since the 1960s and there are many opportunities to gain wildlife conservation management experience. The variety of wildlife in Zimbabwe goes beyond the “Big 5”, buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion and rhino. Giraffes, antelope and zebras are also common sites.

Healthcare in Zimbabwe needs a lot of help. The HIV/AIDs outbreak of the 90s combined with the economic crisis has put a major strain on the public health system. Volunteers assisting in local clinics or midwifery skills are highly appreciated.

Volunteering in the education sector and youth development is another area that can use help of help. The literacy in Zimbabwe is high however teachers lack resources and support needed to carry out their jobs. Volunteers help in classrooms to assist teachers, donate time to children in orphanages or just conduct afterschool activities.

There are plenty of opportunities to do volunteer work in Zimbabwe, and the locals are very welcoming. 


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