With nearly a third of its total population living in poverty, Paraguay is in need of the aid provided by volunteers. Despite the progress this nation has made over the past decades, Paraguay is still a developing country and the services provided by international volunteers are very much appreciated, especially in the more remote areas of the country.

Most volunteering programmes in Paraguay revolve around working with children, both in rural and urban settings. You can choose between working with street children, disabled children, volunteering at community centres or teaching various topics in schools. In exchange for the fee you pay to the volunteering placement agency, you will be offered accommodation, usually with a local family, as well as most meals. Spanish is usually a requirement, but there are several volunteering programmes that also include Spanish courses. You will have to pay for airline fares on your own, but airport pickup is usually arranged by the volunteering agency.

Most programmes last for a minimum of one week, but they can extend for several months. Other volunteering opportunities are available for medical students or professionals who can offer their services in Paraguay’s rural communities. There are also a number of construction and eco-tourism alternatives to choose from.

There are also several international volunteering organisations that have a strong presence in Paraguay, such as the Peace Corps. Contracts with international organisations might be longer in length, but the support offered throughout your volunteering contract is unmatchable.


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