Most Guyanese volunteering programmes focus on working with the children or helping with community development. The majority of programmes don’t have any specific requirements you have to meet, but having any sort of skills in these departments, as well as past experience with working on this kind of projects will increase your chances of being accepted. Nonetheless, you have to be over 18 years old and you must send in a copy of a clean criminal record. In terms of language requirements, a proficient understanding of English is sufficient.

Numerous volunteer programmes in Guyana revolve around teaching positions in local schools. Since English is the official language of the country, you could teach virtually any topic: from maths to sport and from physics to literature. You can find a volunteering programme either through a placement agency or through a local Guyanese volunteering institution. In either of the cases, you will be required to pay a fee for the agency’s services, which also includes accommodation costs. In addition, you will have to make visa arrangements and pay for airline fares on your own.

Several internationally renowned volunteering agencies, such as the United Nations Volunteers and the Peace Corps service Guyana, so if you are interesting in lending a helping hand in this South American country, you could contact a local office to see what type of programmes they organise. Such programmes are usually lengthier, spanning over several months, but, on the plus side, you will receive ongoing support from start to finish.


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