Liberia is on the road to recovery following many years of civil war. Since 2006 and following re-election in 2011, Madame Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has worked hard to bring the nation back to her past. In Liberia, many organizations welcome volunteers to contribute their expertise in rebuilding the nation and dealing with social issues.

Medical volunteers can consider organizations such as project HOPE. The project began sending medical volunteers into the country in 2008. Volunteers in the program provide care and train local health professionals at JFK Memorial hospital in Monrovia. Recently the program sent a surgical team into the country to train local surgeons as well as over 100 medical professionals across West Africa.

More experienced volunteers may want to consider the Peace Corps that has been active in Liberia from 1962. The Corps have sent over 3000 volunteers to Liberia who work in the area of education. The Franciscan works is also active and regularly send volunteers to Liberia. The mission began its work in Liberia in 2003. Its goals are to inculcate love, learning, work and prayer in both the local community and among volunteers. Volunteers can assist at the mission school St. Anthony of Padua.

Like any nation, coming back from conflict education is major concern. For volunteers with educational background organizations such as the Africa Development Corps also known as Visions in Africa are ideal. The organization has offices in Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa and Liberia. N addition to education the organization has programs focusing on food security, international exchange, education and HIV/AIDS. Another organization worth considering is the Liberia Education project. 


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