veligandu island maldives

The Maldives is the perfect place for relaxation, unwinding, and honeymooners. So if you are looking for adrenaline and adventure, it might not be the right destination just yet.

veligandu island maldives

It certainly is a paradise destination, found on many a bucket list for its beautiful and remote location. Luxurious beach front or over water bungalows are dotted around the gorgeous atolls. You might be able to swim right from your accommodation and sometimes watch fish and sea life from your very own jetty. Maldives holidays can be the experience of a lifetime.

It all sounds rather amazing but there are some things you may not have considered that you should know before you go. So, before you book your dream stay in the Maldives here are some tips to remember before visiting these beautiful islands. 

Be aware of the costs of extras

Due to its remote location the Maldives can be an expensive place to travel to and to stay. The islands are only connected by seaplane or boat so not only is it hard for visitors to get around, transporting food and other imported necessities to resorts is not an easy task. It costs to get all the luxuries all inclusive resorts require so this is reflected in the pricing. Due to this you might find extra costs added to bills or services, this is something you should definitely keep in mind.

On the top of their regular prices resorts have to add two taxes. These are a 10% service charge and an 8 % Goods and Services Tax. These taxes are added to all food, drinks, spa services, rentals and activities you might pay for. Now some resorts will show this included in the price, however others will show this at the end of a price list such as a menu or activity list. This is something you should know before you book to prevent too many additional costs.

Understand the transfer situation

Depending on when your flight arrives will make a difference to when you are transferred to your resort. There are only certain times of the day that the sea plane can fly and it is also weather dependant. If you arrive on an evening or later flight then you will be required to stay in Male for the first night before being transferred to your resort island the next day. This is because sea planes only fly between sunrise and sunset. Similarly if you have an early flight home you may have to spend your final night in Male to ensure you catch your flight.

Boat transfers are the same but there are other things to be aware of too. The scheduled time can differ greatly depending on the weather and can sometimes even double the time it takes. The water can get very choppy so if you get seasick be ready for a difficult and uncomfortable ride. If the going gets tough just remember you’ll be spending a week or two in paradise and it will help to get you through.

Choose your resort carefully

What do you plan to do on your holiday in the Maldives. Do you just want to rest and relax or do you want to spend most of your days swimming and snorkelling? If you want a peaceful holiday then check your villa location. You can ask for the most private or secluded water villa but that means you will be further away from the rest of the resort. You also want to avoid being located next to the transport areas and jetties to give you more peace and quiet.

If you are planning on snorkelling or diving then you’ll want to choose a resort island that is near to a reef. You may be able to swim to the reef directly from the beach or your villa as long as you are a strong swimmer. Not all islands are close to a reef though, such as those located within the large lagoon. So in this case you would need to book a snorkelling trip. Some all inclusive resorts may offers this as part of the package, but for the most part you will have to pay extra. Equipment is provided for a rental fee, so if you want to save some cash bring your own equipment if you have room.

Wi-Fi costs can mount up

You might be travelling to the remote destination of the Maldives to get away from life back home and enjoy an internet free holiday. However some people may want or need to stay connected during the trip. This may be for reasons as simple as wanting to update you social media (making everyone back home extremely jealous). Or you may have to check in with work or get things done whilst you are away.

Wi-Fi whilst available in this part of the world, it can be a bit hit and miss. Some resorts may include Wi-Fi access in your holiday package, whilst others will charge you additional costs. If you know you need internet access during your holiday then you definitely need to check the prices and inclusions before you book. Also double check which areas you can access the Wi-Fi in as some places might only offer the service in public areas, so you wont be able to work from the comfort of your own villa.

The weather can be changeable

We all have this expectation of the Maldives to be a beautiful paradise of blue skies, white sands and turquoise waters. And for the most part yes it is. However, the weather patterns here are subject to change at short notice and do not follow a usual cycle you can predict like other destinations. The forecasts are not as simple as you might expect. The dry season can still have some rainy, cloudy days and strong winds might also cause you issues.

Monsoons are quite complicated in this part of the world as they are difficult to predict, changing yearly and occurring in different seasons. It is generally accepted that between November and April is the best time to visit and the height of this dry season is between December and March. The monsoon season is said to run from May until October, June usually being the worst month. But as mentioned above be prepared for some rainy or stormy days whenever you visit.

Are you ready for your dream holiday to the Maldives?

This destination is a very special place in the world and you can see why so many honeymooners choose the Maldives to spend time as newly married couples. Serene beaches, gorgeous blue waters stretching for miles and lots of quiet secluded places to set down and relax.

As long as you are prepared for a few things you might not have ordinarily been expecting you are sure to have a fantastic time. This unique destination is somewhere you should visit at least once to witness all the beauty this part of the world has to offer. Just remember to leave your high expectations at home and enjoy the day to day peace and tranquillity of your own space within these tiny islands.

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