Crisis anywhere makes for human suffering, for this reason in Libya many organizations remain that welcome volunteers. IRIN is one of the organizations that came to Libya to assist vulnerable groups when conflict emerged in 2011. The organization was instrumental in food distribution in Benghazi and maintaining tranquillity during this trying time. Today the organization has reverted to other goals such as the growing drug problem in Libya and HIV/AIDS. Volunteers can join the organization to help provide professional and non-professional service to help meet these objectives.

Volunteer Libya is yet another major volunteer initiative in the country established in 2011. The organization came into being as database for volunteers during the revolution and brought in many Libyan expats to contribute in awareness campaigns and rebuilding projects. The aims of the organization include improving lives, support for ravaged populations and instil civic duty through service and volunteering.

Due to the large amount of online users in the country, online volunteer opportunities also exist where volunteers can help in translation of texts. For individuals on a journey who may not have time to commit to long term volunteering duties, tour operators such as provide an opportunity to visit and assist in restoring the UN heritage site of Ghadames. Visitors can helps with painting, general restoration work or plastering while working alongside locals. In addition to the above options, volunteers can also enlist with agencies such as the Libyan Red Crescent. It is worth observing that though rebel activity is sporadic, it remains real and as such, adherence to travel warnings should be maintained unless working with an organization.


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