Lesotho is a small landlocked country in South Africa that enjoys very cordial relations with many countries around the world. For this reason, finding a volunteer opportunity in Lesotho is not difficult. For experienced volunteers, the Peace Corps have been active in Lesotho since 1967 and have facilitated volunteering for over 2000 volunteers in the country. The Corps volunteers work in community development, education, health and business and education.

Another very suitable organization for volunteer projects in Lesotho is Action Lesotho. The organization takes interested participants to the country for periods of a month to a year. There are several projects including very innovative milling project. The project grows maize on farms owned by individuals too old or sick to farm and supplies the food to orphans and the needy in the community. Volunteers can also enlist in an orchard project, pig-rearing project, community centre, disability support group, crafts and education.

Volunteer opportunities in Lesotho can also be found using websites such as freevoluntering.co.uk. Among the opportunities on the site, include programs by Beautiful Gate (BG) a faith-based organization in Lesotho. The organization has ministries in various African countries. The ministry in Lesotho seeks to provide medical care to the abandoned and HIV/AIDS affected aged between 0-5 years. In addition to this, the organization is also involved in Income Generating Activities, counselling and psychological support, and discipleship and mentoring. Another organization that provides gateway for teachers interested in volunteering in the country goes by the name Camara. Every summer the organization sends teams of teachers to share ICT knowledge with teachers in Lesotho and various African countries.


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