Volunteering in Kuwait is not any different from volunteering anywhere else on the planet. There are numerous opportunities for those with compassion to serve the needs of the elderly, environment groups, or animal rights. However, it is a good idea to become acquainted with the rules and regulations of volunteering for those venturing out for the first. The Kuwaiti government’s website on voluntary work can be of some help in this area.

Different volunteer programs in Kuwait have different application procedures. Majority of the programs require formal applications, some kind of a personal statement along with a deposit. Many times there are also deadlines for some programs.

For individuals interested in working with animals there are a number of options. Volunteers can choose to work in a shelter that rescues stray animals from streets and provides them with food, medical attention and shelter.  The shelter also works towards educating people about humane treatment of animals and their basic needs. It encourages spraying or neutering the animals so such a large population is not left to roam around wildly. Another option is to work as a member of a diving team freeing trapped turtles, installing buoys to moor boats away from coral reefs, retrieving sunken boats, debris, and fishing nets.


Another volunteering option is to work in a hospital to make a child’s stay more tolerable. There are a number of different ways in which volunteers can help. They can choose to spend time with children finger painting, creating art projects, doing crafts or just reading stories in out-patient waiting areas or play areas. Volunteers can select one of the six government hospitals to work in and timing too are  flexible; provided openings and programmes needs exist. Other options include decorating paediatric wards, helping in office work or participating in fundraising activities.

The spirit of volunteerism is very active and international volunteers are welcomed in Kuwait. Kuwait understands the impact of voluntary work on society at large and the positive benefits on the individuals volunteering.


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