sleeping at airport

Layovers are not the best options for many people. However, the flight itinerary may include one that cannot be escaped no matter what. Changi airport in Singapore is known to have layovers due to the logistics of the flights of people traveling to other Asian locations with Singapore airplanes. If you are lucky enough to be traveling to Singapore after securing your visa with reputable agents like Visa Express, then you will not have a layover. Some layovers are known to run for many hours including the whole night or day. So, how does one kill all these hours? Below is what to do in case you have an overnight layover in Singapore.

Napping and Sleeping

After a long flight from different regions of the globe, most travelers may want some sleep before they head for the next flight. Changi airport does have easily accessible napping stations for travelers. The stations are offered subject to availability, and therefore, you need to check if you are lucky enough to find an open one.

For a more peaceful and restful sleep, getting a room in one of the many transit hotels or guest homes around the airport is also another option. This, however, will depend on the budget one is running under.

 sleeping at airport

Free Tour

Courtesy of Changi airport, travelers on transit can have one of the two available free tours. They include either city lights tours or the famous heritage free tours. They use air-conditioned buses and a well-trained tour guide who will offer great information about the country. For selfie photographers and vloggers, you can get a few minutes stop-over at various tourist centers like Esplanade and Marina Bay to do some shooting.

The city lights tours are the best for the overnight layover because the tours run in the evening. People will have the opportunity to glimpse the Singapore nightlife, which will help you breathe some fresh air outside the airport.

free tour singapore

Airport Transit Programs

If you thought that passing time here is boring, then you need to read this piece. The Changi airport sometimes runs offers like giving free vouchers to travelers with outbound and inbound flights through certain airlines. The vouchers are redeemable at any outlet at the airport like the movie theater, lounge bar or restaurants. The nightlife at the airport is lively. The butterfly garden is a notable destination for nature lovers.

flight taking off

Marina Sand Bay

Just as a trip to Singapore without a visit to Marina Bay is incomplete, so is the overnight layover. You have all the time to visit this famous tourist center at any time of the day or night, and the nightlife around it is very enjoyable. It provides a better view of the city and beautiful lights around the fountain. The cool beach breezes will help you pass time with ease.

marina sand bay


With a better plan and some extra money to dispose of, enjoying the night in Singapore is fun and enjoyable for every person including kids. Seek information from immigration experts to know the limits of the exploration, however.


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