Being one of the poorest countries in Europe with a high rate of unemployment and infighting between the different ethnic groups gives rise to numerous social problems in Kosovo. Numerous international organisations, with the help of local NGOs and volunteers from the world over, work to educate the  different communities and lessen some of the burden of affected individuals.

The “All Together” project promotes the spirit of volunteerism, and social acceptance for people living with disabilities. In Kosovo roughly 150,000 people face segregation and discrimination in education, job and even health due to their disabilities.

Women empowerment is another important cause that is tackled by international organisations with the help of volunteers. Projects aimed at this issue use volunteers to train women from various minority ethnicities such as Albanian, Egyptian, Roma, and Bosniak to sew, do needle work, make handcrafts or cook local dishes to acquire skills that will help to raise their incomes. The goods produced by the participants are then sold in an exhibition sale.

Gender equality is a major issue in Kosovo. Volunteers and various NGOs organize dialogues between Albanians, Serbs, Ashkali, Egyptian and the Roma communities of Kosovo. All communities are equally affected by the violence based on gender, and it gives the ordinarily fighting communities a common goal to work towards. Online campaigns bringing the youth of Kosovo form different communities together, to come up with ideas on how to protect the victims also helps to promote unity and peace. NGOs and volunteers unite the local participants with international speakers against this breach of human rights.    


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