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Singapore features several societies and a blend of both Eurasian and Asian cultures and previous and current ways of life. Also known as the bridge between the East and the West, Singapore is a fusion of almost all Southeast Asian and Eurasian cultures.

Due to this multicultural dynamism, many tourists are thronging to Singapore to see and have a taste of the art and culture first-hand. But, due to the large numbers of people immigrating to Singapore, acquiring a visa can be somewhat tedious. Worry not because there are a couple of top consultants in Singapore who are ready to offer the best professional services in helping you acquire your visa.

Through its varied culture, the city-state has a lot to offer regarding art and design. Art centers, institutions, and museums display picturesque art pieces and souvenirs that are influenced by the various cultures within the country. From Little India all the way to Arab Street, you are bound to see well-designed art pieces and memorabilia that genuinely define Singapore’s dynamic culture. Another standout feature of Singapore’s diverse culture is their food; there is a wide array of traditional cuisine available.

There are several art galleries and museums to visit once you set foot in Singapore. The chances of checking out all of them especially if you have limited time can be low. Below are some of the best art venues that you should visit once you set foot in Singapore.

National Gallery Singapore

national gallery singapore

It was made by renovating Singapore’s previous City Hall and Supreme Court landmark buildings to make it a standout and prestigious art exhibition center in Singapore. It contains over 8000 art pieces making it the largest art exhibition center of present-day Southeast Asian art.

You can view memorabilia and pieces of art ranging from past art exhibitions to the latest. Within the museum is a shop where you can purchase pieces of art.

Future Perfect

future perfect

Future Perfect mainly displays art from Australia and Southeast Asia. It focuses mostly on creating a platform for both upcoming and veteran creative artists to showcase their works. Works that are displayed include photography, paintings, drawings, sculptures, etc.


Art Plural Gallery

art plural gallery

It was founded in 2011 by Frederic de Senarclens, a Swiss native and art dealer. Located within Singapore’s cultural heart, Art Plural Gallery is split into four categories of exhibitions on display. Exhibitions include both group and solo projects featuring works from globally acclaimed artists.

Art-Science Museum

art science museum

Located in the impressive Marina Bay Sands, Art-Science Museum exhibits feature a blend of art and science. It has presented works of artists from all over the world including, most notably, Da Vinci’s Shaping the Future. The museum also has a shop that sells artwork drawn from past exhibitions.

Gajah Gallery

gajah gallery

It was established in the mid-90s with the goal of studying and investigating the various cultures of present Southeast Asia through the display of intriguing and inspirational art pieces. The gallery plays host to exhibitions from different renowned sculptors, calligraphers, and painters from Asia and the world at large.

Peranakan Museum

peranakan museum

For the widest and vastest collection of Peranakan history and culture, the Peranakan Museum is the go-to place. It displays art related to the Singapore born Chinese, Malay and Indonesian people’s traditions. It contains what is undoubtedly the best assortment of Peranakan traditional artifacts.


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