Kyrgyzstan is essentially poor country that is trying to stand on its own feet after separation from Russia. While major strides have been made in there is still a lot that needs to be done in every sphere of life. This is why volunteer work in Kyrgyzstan is highly appreciated. There are numerous international organizations carrying out humanitarian, developmental, and educational work in Kyrgyzstan through which volunteer placements can be acquired.  While some placements require special skills most volunteering revolves around unskilled work.

One volunteer option is to work in orphanages located around the city of Karakol. Orphanages house children who come from poor families not able to afford them or have drug and alcohol issues. Almost all of the children only speak Kyrgyz language. Volunteers with knowledge of Russian language or Kyrgyz are preferred. Volunteers help by carrying out day to day activities of the orphanage, conducting activities and classes for the children and participating in charity events. Volunteers are expected to provide support and leadership for the children. The very basic accommodation is provided.

The state university in Karakol is home to over six thousand students and five hundred Faculty. The university requires volunteers with appropriate skills and fluent in English, German, or French able to substitute for second to fourth year university students. Additionally volunteers also conduct language clubs, organize cultural exchange fairs with students, monitor and observe instructors.  Minimum commitment of one month is required. Volunteers stay with host families and share morning and evening meals with them. 


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