There is an abundance of volunteer programmes in Brazil to choose from: working with street children, teaching English, building houses for the underprivileged, contributing to the health care system, or conducting after-school programmes.  If you have any sporting skills, you can even consider coaching children. The vast majority of programmes service the urban areas of Brazil, but you can find volunteering opportunities in the rural communities as well. You can even enrol for a project in the Amazon, by contacting the World Wildlife Fund.

Finding placement in a Brazilian volunteering programme is quite easy. You can opt to contact a volunteering agency in your country and discuss your options. Some agencies are overseen by renowned international organisations, such as UNESCO or the United Nations Volunteers, so checking the trustworthiness of the various agencies and programmes is more than feasible.

If you plan on finding a volunteering programme on your own, your safest route would be to contact a local Brazilian non profit organisation. These organisations usually charge you significantly smaller fees, but you will be required to do much of the legwork on your own. In addition, you might be required to speak a little Portuguese so as to facilitate communication.

Programmes can last anything from one week to a year, so regardless of the amount of free time you have at your disposal, you will surely find a perfect project for you. Whatever you end up choosing, be certain that your experience in this South American nation will be unforgettable.


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