Tonga has gained a reputation as being the country with the most PhD degrees per capita. Its education system is somewhat more developed than that of neighbouring South Pacific island nations, which means that foreign students have higher chances of finding a programme study in Tonga. There are approximately 20 higher education facilities in this nation. Most classes revolve around business, IT, constructions, and accounting. Tonga also offers quite a wide variety of English as a second language course for interested foreigners.  

Apart from college and university studies, there are numerous short-term study programmes a foreigner can engage in. These include computer studies, electrical plumbing, hospitality and tourism, auto mechanics, Tongan culture studies, and customer services.

For those interested in a more active and outdoorsy type of programme Tonga offers several alternatives: swimming, diving, kayaking, snorkelling, sailing, and even whale swimming programmes. If you would be keen on joining one of these programmes, keep in mind that summer in Tonga lasts from November until April.

The main advantages of studying in Tonga are represented by the cheap tuition fees, the all year round warm weather, and the slow-paced lifestyle of the islanders. Foreigners wishing to study in Tonga will require a student visa. 


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