Despite poverty and political crisis that have slowed down the rate of development Togo is a beautiful country and an excellent study abroad location.

For individuals interested in working in Togo with school going age children, or high school students interested in a semester, the American International School of Lome is an appropriate solution. The institution was established in 1967 as a private non-profit day school offering education to students of various nationalities through grade 12. The institution offers a special online study program in collaboration with the University of Nebraska.

For tertiary education students, the University of Lome originally known as the University of Benin is suitable for most study abroad requirements. The institution established in 1970 offers courses in a number of disciplines including science and technology, agro science, arts, political science, social science among other courses. Some of Togo’s politicians are alumni of the institution.

Like with any developing nation, domestic problems abound. These provide a perfect opportunity for work-study based documentation and learning. For example, Togo’s ruling class has a very poor human rights record and because of this, organizations such as send interns to work with La Ligue Togolaise de Droit de l’Homme (LTDH) a member of the International Federation for Human Rights. The organizations also arranges internships for medical students with hospitals, clinics and HIV/AIDS centres in Togo.

In addition, organizations such as SADIL –Togo also offer interns educational opportunities within the country. Projects are available all year round on a continuous basis and mainly involve projects on education. For students studying political science or international relations the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA) offers interns an opportunity to work for between three and six months at their Lome office. Interns are engaged research and logistical tasks under the responsibility or a project/program coordinator.


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