If you have decided to study abroad in Liverpool then you’ve definitely made the perfect decision. Liverpool is home to four universities, some of the best that the country has to offer. Having so many universities means that Liverpool truly is a student city.

LiverpoolIt really does cater for everybody, and the centre is packed full of the UK’s favourite high street shops and restaurants, but if shopping isn’t your thing, don’t worry. The city comes alive at night as people make their way to the many bars and clubs that Liverpool has to offer. To impress you even more, Liverpool boasts some incredible views and attractions. Being situated on the coast, Liverpool has one of the UK’s busiest ports meaning that it is always lively. Here are the top three things you should know before arriving to study in Liverpool.

History and Culture

Liverpool has lots of very interesting historic facts that you should definitely find out before arriving. A historic band that you’re sure to have heard of who came from Liverpool is The Beatles. The band are the city’s pride and joy, and when walking around the city centre you’re sure to see a lot about them and how much they mean to the locals. If you want to find out more about the history of Liverpool and any landmarks you must visit while in town, visit this website.

Student Accommodation

The fact that Liverpool is packed with students is great news for you. Across the city there is plenty of great student accommodation to help make sure that you get the best out of city life and studying. While in your first year you will probably live in the university halls, after this many students decide to rent a student house in their second and third years. This gives you the opportunity to get to know the outskirts of the city centre. is one of the popular websites for student accommodation in Liverpool. Don’t worry about parking while you’re at university either. Liverpool has plenty of safe places that you can leave your car, just check out for more information.


The best part about student life when studying in the UK is our incredible nightlife, and Liverpool is definitely one of the best cities for this. The city centre is full to the brim with classy bars for you to enjoy a cocktail or lively nightclubs so that you and your friends can dance the night away. The best way to make new friends and ensure that your university experience is up there with the best is to make the most of the nightlife that is on offer. Check out your university’s social media pages for their events or click here for more information about events across the city.

There is much more to Liverpool than just these three exciting points. There will be plenty for you to fill your spare time with while studying in this incredible city. Make the most of it and enjoy your time studying here.

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