There are a wide variety of higher education programmes in Ecuador open to foreign students, in a number of specialities, ranging from Language to Environmental Studies and from Business to Politics. A number of study programmes focus on Marine Biology and Oceanography, given the country’s proximity to the Pacific Ocean. You can apply for a programme either by contacting the Ecuadorian institution directly or through your home university. Entry requirements vary from one institution to another.

You can find Spanish classes either at a university or at a private institution. The latter option usually offers summer immersion programmes, which provide you with not only Spanish classes, but also fun outdoor activities. Out of all the South American countries, Ecuador offers some of the most cost-efficient Spanish courses.

The larger cities in Ecuador organise a variety of dance classes, including salsa as well as other Latin dances, at very affordable prices. There are programmes that include not only Spanish courses and dance classes, but a few other activities: hiking in the Andes, rafting down the Amazon, exploring the jungle, snorkelling, photography, scuba diving, and so on. The possibilities are virtually endless and, in some cases, you can even personalize your study programme. These programmes are usually held during summertime and last for 2-4 weeks.  

In estimating your expenses for a study programme in Ecuador, make sure you take into account the mandatory medical travel insurance and the cost of any vaccinations (in particular, the vaccine for Yellow Fever) you may be required to get prior to your departure.


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