Although a relatively small and still developing nation, Palau does have a few interesting study opportunities for foreigners. In terms of higher education, the nation has only one community college, but the courses offered range from Business and English to Palau studies. You might also be able to find separate English courses, either with a local institution or a private tutor.

Study programmes focused on marine topics are quite common in Palau. Coral reef, marine diversity, and other environment or conservation-related study programmes are available to foreigners. Snorkelling and scuba diving are also particularly popular in the region, especially due to the reefs and the World War II wrecks scattered across Palau’s waters. Because of this, finding a study programme that focuses on these water sports should not be too difficult.

Depending on the length of your study programme and the duration of your stay in Palau, you might be required to obtain a student visa. Check with a local embassy for more information. 


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