Though not exactly a sought after destination for international students, Macau does offer several opportunities to foreigners wishing to expand their studies and knowledge of the world. There are approximately ten higher education institutions in Macau and most of them open their doors to foreigners. The easiest way of finding a one or two semester long programme is by contacting your local faculty adviser to see if your home institution has any affiliate or exchange programmes with Macau. Depending on your home institution, scholarships may also be offered to those wishing to pursue a study programme in Macau.

The University of Macau offers a wide variety of courses, ranging from business administration and social sciences to education, law, and humanities. There are also a variety of vocational schools, offering a variety of technical subjects, such as electronics, car repairing, and constructions. Cultural heritage and tourism studies are also popular in the region.

Macau is a mix of Portuguese and Chinese culture, making it a unique spot where foreigners could pursue a study programme. For any programme or stay longer than 3 months, foreigners will require a visa. Check with a local embassy for all requirements. 


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