There are over 10,000 students studying in more than 100 universities in Macedonia. The quality of education provided in these institutions is comparable to any university of good standing in the world and the degrees issued are recognized the world over. While most universities conduct lessons in the local language there is a large variety of programs that are taught in English.

In addition to traditional studies, Macedonian universities offer programs that are specifically designed for international students. Some options include International Relations, Business Management, Tourism & Hospitality, and Eastern Mediterranean Studies.

Students interested in short term studies can benefit from the numerous Certificate programs offered by Macedonian universities. Many programs are designed to equip participants with skills needed to meet today’s changing economies. Students can select from programs in vocational trainings, skills development, and short term courses.

Macedonian universities also have exchange programs in place with many universities around the world for students interested in studying in Macedonia for a semester or the full year. This type of arrangement allows students to transfer credits back to home university for the successfully completed courses. If no exchange program is available in the home country, students can apply for special status to study in Macedonia for short-terms.

The Macedonian Ministry for Education also makes available undergraduate scholarships open to students of more than 75 countries. Students study in Macedonian public universities where the language of instruction is Macedonian. The scholarships cover all costs, including air fare, a monthly stipend and a fee intensive course in Macedonian language.


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