The tiny country of Liechtenstein enjoys 100% literacy rate has three institutes of higher education. Students can opt for Bachelor’s, Master’s or a Doctorate degree. Tuition fees are similar to those in other European countries, and they vary according to the school and program. Non EU/EEA citizens will need a visa to study in the country.

The bachelor’s programs offered by the University of Liechtenstein include B.S. in Business Administration, Business Information Systems, and Architecture. Master’s programs include Master of Science in Entrepreneurship, Architecture, Information Technology, and Business Process Management. There are two programs at doctorate level. They are PhD in Business Economics and Architecture and Planning.

The International Academy of Philosophy only offers PhD degrees. It is a highly respected institute in international circles. The third university in Liechtenstein is a private institute. Each university sets its own admission requirements.
The University of Liechtenstein has exchange program agreements with over eighty institutes around the world. Such programs promote short term studies in different countries, allowing students to experience each other’s cultures, languages, and people.

Being a home to so many international companies means there are many opportunities for internships in Liechtenstein. Such positions can be acquired by dropping CVs with various companies and asking if they have positions open. Internships give applicants the opportunity to work in an international organization, and learn from professionals first hand. Internships can also be great for giving your CV a boost.


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