Summary: Travellers heading to Goa will definitely want to delve into the culture and what better way than experiencing the amazing and very popular San Joao festival.

GoaGoa is a wonderful place to visit in India that has many festivals throughout the year that are worth seeing if tourists happen to be on a visit there. The very famous and popular occasion of Sao Joao is annually celebrated on June 24. It is a time for fun and entertainment that visitors to the Indian state will thoroughly enjoy. It’s something that travellers should certainly look out for if they are in the country at the time. This event is a monsoon festival with its origins in Portugal where it’s celebrated on the same date with a brilliant party atmosphere. This festival is celebrated across the state but mostly in the gorgeous region of North Goa.

The festival celebrates and pays tribute to Saint John the Baptist that is a major religious figure in many faiths including Christianity. Held for centuries there are many traditional things that happen on the day of this occasion. The event remembers when Saint John baptised Jesus Christ in the River Jordan and all visitors are welcomed to attend. The story goes that Saint John jumped for joy in his mother Elizabeth’s womb when he heard that Jesus would be born. Often many citizens celebrating this vibrant festival will actually jump into water such as a local pond, and some will also leap into wells during this occasion.

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Drinking the liquor Feni, which is a Goan spirit made from cashew or palm, is a very crucial part of the Sao Joao festivities. People celebrating the occasion often drink this before they jump into the well or pond. This alcoholic drink is only created in Goa so travellers will not be able to try it anywhere else. The festival is an amazing time to have a lot of fun as it is just like a carnival where everyone dresses up wearing colourful outfits. Travellers can head to the wells and ponds where those jumping in are cheered on to complete their mission.

Travellers wanting to experience this truly wonderful festival should head to the north part of Goa to places such as Candolim and Anjuna. Both of these towns are where the festival is celebrated in a huge way with big parties and merriment. There are many fishing boats that are decorated and are put out on the water as part of the event. Tourists will love visiting Goa and this type of occasion will really put them in a good mood. Celebrating San Joao is a wonderful way to discover a particular part of this Indian state and have a great day out.


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