As oil revenues started to pour in the 1950s, the Kuwaiti government made a conscious decision to invest in human resources. These efforts lead to the development of a number of post-secondary institutions, colleges and prominent universities in the country.  Universities offer degrees in fields of arts, sciences, business and engineering. The standard of education at most institutions is rather high, with most institutions requiring proof of English proficiency.

In addition to full degree programs it is possible to participate in short term and diploma courses offered in various institutes in Kuwait. Technical IT courses leading to certifications by top vendors like Cisco, Microsoft, Adobe and many others are available. The courses are conducted by authorized instructors using the latest curriculum.

Another study option is to take part in trainings, workshops and programs offered in Kuwait. Numerous courses aimed at professionals or people wishing to learn new skills to earn extra income are available. Trainings that build soft skills like management courses, leadership course, or supervisory courses are possible. Other option is technical courses which include training in financial management, risk development, public relations, sales and numerous other areas. All trainings and workshops are run at different times of the year and vary in duration. Such trainings are intended for professionals already in the field who wish to supplement their professional education or refresh it so they are up to date with the latest information. The technical courses offered can help individuals to learn new skills like web designing, graphic designing, or networking. 


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