Previously the education in Kyrgyzstan was based on the Soviet system however, after independence the Ministry of Education was established in 1992, and the educational institutes were brought more in line with the international standards. Now several foreign languages like English, German, and French are incorporated into the curriculum. Study programs include higher professional education, adult learning and formal tertiary education.

Semester and summer study programs are common in Kyrgyzstan. There are a large variety of programs are available catering to the needs of foreign students but programs related to Asian studies and languages are more popular. For example the Central Asian Studies programs introduce students to the region in terms of culture, history and languages. Programs include home stays, educational travel to neighbouring countries and extensive language training. The semester long program can be extended further gain deeper understanding of the country and region. The program is ideal for students interested in international careers as such programs delve in the understanding of military, and economy of the region which recently came out of the Russian influence. This is a region where Islam, Christianity, Chinese, Russian and Western interests mix and at times collide.

For less intense and shorter studies, Summer Adventure programs are available. These include three weeks of concentrated language study combined with one week of countryside touring of Kyrgyzstan on horseback and practicing the language. The summer programs accept students from varying backgrounds inclusive of academics, scholars, students and professionals ranging in age from 18 to 75 years old.


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