Finland has been providing assistance to Kosovo in the field of education since 2000. Higher education standards are based on the Bologna process even though the country is not yet a signatory.

There are many public as well as private colleges and universities that offer Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s Degrees in addition to PhD’s. Schedules are flexible so students can pursue full or part-time studies.

Education system in Kosovo is unique because after Grade 9, the secondary education is divided into two types. Students can opt to get into professional education where they are given vocational training or they can get into general education based on Ministry of Education’s curriculum. The professional education prepares students for the labour markets, but upon successful completion students can also choose to pursue a university education if they desire.

For international students this offers a host of opportunities to study in Kosovo. There are eight institutes of professional secondary education offering trainings in a variety of disciplines. Even students with ten years of education in their own countries can apply to these vocational training programs.

There are also a number of specialized and summer study programs available to those seeking to enhance skills or improve a resume. For example, there is a one year course in Hospitality Management, with internship in the Marriott. The chances of job placement in hospitality industry increase exponentially upon completion of the course. Summer programs for students interested in leadership training or conflict resolution are usually of one month duration and include several field trips for cultural awareness.


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