Although a relatively small country, both in terms of population and surface, Fiji remains a viable option for international students mainly because it has English as an official language. Another plus is that lodging is quite affordable, making it a better study abroad option than numerous other English-speaking countries.

For foreign students looking for higher education studies, their best option is to contact the University of the South Pacific located in the Fijian capital of Suva. The university hosts several faculties including Business and Economics, Science, Arts, Law, Technology, and Environment. International students can sign up for one or two semesters.

Alternatively, there are a number of gap semester programmes that will allow the foreign student to experience not only Fiji, but also Australia or New Zealand; or even both. These types of programmes will immerse the student deep within the culture of each of these countries, making it a great opportunity for self-improvement and development.

Because of its location on the Pacific Rim, Fiji offers some unique study programmes revolving around marine biology: you can even spend your summer studying sharks. If this is not your cup of tea, you might be interested in taking up some rugby classes, as this is the most popular sport in Fiji.

Anyone wishing to pursue a study programme in Fiji is required to obtain a visa prior to departure. You might be granted access with a temporary visa, but have to apply for a full one upon your arrival. 


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