To be able to fully take advantage of the education offered in the Republic of Georgia, it is essential that you learn the language first. Georgia has a number of excellent educational facilities but almost all programs are in Georgian. Since every corner of society uses Georgian or to a more limited extent Russian, it is essential that you learn the language, if you fully wish to benefit.

Many different institutes offer Certificates and Diplomas in Language courses. Some courses are of short duration that gives you a working knowledge of the language, others are more thorough, university level courses of longer duration.

Many institutions in Georgia offer specialized trainings in Hospitality, Information Technology, and Business Management. These programs are usually of one year duration and once admitted, the visa is almost guaranteed. The benefit of these courses is that with successful completion, employment opportunities in a number of European countries become accessible.

A large number of American, European and Canadian universities have agreements with universities in Georgia for exchange programs. Courses in Emerging Democracy, International and Area Studies for students with special interest in political science, history, anthropology and international studies are commonly offered. These summer programs may be taken for credit or just out of interest. A number of students participating in these programs may also be able to carry out internships with local government and NGOs in Georgia’s capital city. This provides a good opportunity to see the workings of a new democracy first hand.   


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