Eritrea is a country on the horn of Africa that can provide a great study abroad experience. The country is strategically located and for this reason is considered important internationally.

International students can study at the Eritrea Institute of technology, opened in partnership with the country’s first university. The institution was opened to allow for equal distribution of education resources in Eritrea away from Asmara. The institute has three colleges focusing on science and engineering, technology and education.

In addition to the institute interested students can take advantage of the many volunteer opportunities in the country to facilitate study or complete internships. UCLA has a program that runs in partnership with the Bixby Center on population on reproductive health that send students on internship to Asmara. These summer programs engage interns in community health activities assisting local health personnel.

The delegation of the European Union also has 3 to 6 month unpaid internships that operate in Eritrea. The internship is designed for students with an undergraduate degree in international relations, political science, economics, social science or similar qualifications. Interns are charged with duties such as assisting in public information work, assisting in project management, develop background notes on key issues, and attend seminars on request.

In addition to the above internships are also offered by non-governmental organizations such as Change for Children in Eritrea. Interns can work for as long as six months and are involved in activities that include mobilization of women countrywide, education on female genital mutilation, education on women’s rights among other tasks.


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