As one of the strongest economies in the Arab world, Bahrain has a well-developed education system. There are several options for international students who wish to pursue a study programme in the country.

There are several public higher education institutions in Bahrain, as well as about a dozen private ones. Most of them open their doors to international students. The type of courses one could take range from Health Science to Business and Economics. Although foreigners are permitted to enrol as full time students, becoming a visiting student is the most common option. A visitor student represents a foreigner already enrolled at their home university who pursues a course at a Bahrain university, typically no longer than one semester. Requirements for getting accepted as a visiting student can sometimes be strict, but it helps if you can get the support of your home institution.

If you are looking to learn Arabic, Bahrain could be a great place to study as it offers you the opportunity to experience the Arab culture firsthand. Courses can be found either with education institutions or private tutors.

People wishing to undergo a study programme in Bahrain are required to obtain a student visa. Check with a local embassy for more information. 


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